Stay In With GINLEE

Stay In With GINLEE

We're all home during these strange times. And in such strange times, we try our best to make the most of it! 

Seeing as we're all forced to stay at home, our latest campaign came about as we were exploring ways to present our latest collection, but without physical contact that a photoshoot would usually require. What better way to spend this lockdown than to seize this opportunity to let our creativity run amok! Armed with a set of pencils, watercolours and a whole lot of excitement, our designer set out to paint a series of (almost) everyday scenes in quarantine. This is our way of having some light-hearted fun and hopefully put a smile on your faces. Leave a "🖐" if you can relate to these scenes!


1/9: Gazing out the window, dreaming of being free again. Featuring our Kiyona dress.



2/9: Know what it's like to hold a Zoom meeting with two kids? Featuring our Orient top.⁠ (And comfy lounge shorts shh!)⁠




Noticed all the overgrown, uncut greenery and clear blue skies we've been having?⁠ We love it!⁠ Featuring our Eleven top.



4/9: Getting our hands dirty with a loved one.⁠ Featuring our Chevron top and Hayim skirt.



5/9: Wine-o’clock! No such thing as the right time to drink, when in quarantine.⁠ Featuring our Ella dress.⁠



6/9: Attempting to cook a new recipe. Keyword: Attempt.⁠ Featuring our Rain jumpsuit.⁠




7/9: Finding time to catch up on the book we left off since who-knows-when.⁠ Featuring our Yuvi top.



8/9: Queueing for essentials in our very own GINLEE Studio face masks! ⁠Featuring our Harper, Kimi and Daisy dresses.⁠




9/9: Sing and dance like nobody's watching! Except maybe your neighbour :/ Featuring our Liberty dress.

We hope you've enjoyed this #stayinwithginlee series. Tag us in your photos! We'd love to see them. Keep safe and we look forward to seeing you ❤️

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