Get-Order-On-Demand – Why, What & How?

Get-Order-On-Demand – Why, What & How?

Let’s slow down.

In a bid to eliminate waste, we’re introducing Get-Order-On-Demand (GOOD) so you can be part of our step towards a more sustainable future.

For those that need your item now, fret not – you’re still able to shop as per usual. The difference now is that you have a choice to wait and get rewarded with a discount!

We all know that excess inventory is a notorious problem in the fashion industry. We thought to ourselves: Instead of relying on markdowns at the end of every season to clear stocks, why don’t we bring the markdowns to the beginning of the season? While that can help customers to save, it helps us to:

  • Monitor the demand of the items that provide useful data for analysis
  • Make accurate inventory planning decisions
  • Reduce excess inventories & waste (!!)

As designers, we strive to strike a balance between being creative and commercially viable. With GOOD, it’s a great testing ground for our designs so we can constantly innovate and produce better.

Ultimately, everyone benefits from this – You, us and the environment.

GOOD things are definitely worth the wait.

Get-Order-On-Demand today.



  • How long is the wait?
    • The wait will take around 3-5 weeks + delivery time.
  • Are exchanges and returns allowed for GOOD?
    • Yes, they are! While our goal is to discourage impulse shopping with the aim of making more considered choices, we do want you to feel comfortable in our pieces once they've reached you. It's important to us that you feel good about your purchases ultimately. To learn more about our returns, click here.
  • What if I place an order for both GOOD and non-GOOD items?
    • We will ship them both together in 3-5 weeks time. However, if you'd like to receive your non-GOOD item first, drop us an email at!
  • Are all the styles available for GOOD?
    • Only styles from the current season are applicable. To view the styles, click here.
  • How would I know when my order is shipped?
    • A tracking email will be sent to the email address provided. For self-collection in-stores, you will receive a text message once the item is ready for pick-up.

For any other queries, drop us an email at or WhatsApp +65 8784 3160. We're also available on live chat daily, between 10:30am - 8:30pm (GMT +8)

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